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Relocation is one of the unique, customer-friendly services provided by Transmodals Freight Division across India. We are the specialists when it comes to:

  • Household goods packing & moving all over the world
  • Door to Door movement with complete setting in service
  • Long & Short term storage
  • Pet Relocations
  • Fine Art & Antique relocations

Our presence in the board of Ministry of External Affairs and our contracts with major corporate clients makes relocation one of our flagship services in the market. Our staff is exceptionally well-trained to understand and execute customer packing requirements. We also use the latest technology and specially designed materials to ensure that all your belongings reach their destination safely.

Advantage Transmodal!

  • We door deliver personnel effects from India to over 190 countries.
  • Our packing techniques ensures cargo safety and match corporate standards
  • Transmodal provides in-house cargo Insurance to save it against theft and damage.
  • With our In-house Custom Clearance and Freight forwarding background, our costs are almost 30% cheaper as opposed to our competitors.
  • Our Customized solutions offer Air Freight for critical shipments and Sea freight for budget oriented moving.
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      44(0) 208 924 5492


      44(0) 208 924 5492